45th Anniversary of Formula Vee!
by Randy Fisher


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Nearly 130 drivers were on hand April 4-6 for the 45th Formula Vee Birthday Party at Roebling Road. They competed in five racing classes -- current Vees, Monoposto/Vintage, Historic, Super Vee and Formula First.

A plethora of vintage racecars were on hand, many with historic significance. Ray Caldwell drove one of his D-13s to victory in the Historic class. Bill Scottís Zink Z-5 was second in the Monoposto Vintage class, driven by current SCCA national Vee champion Steve Oseth. Jan Brundage had the Nardi Formcar, considered to be the first Vee, and took it out for a few pace laps during lunchtime on Saturday.

Of the many other racecars in the paddock were Zink, Formcar, Autodynamics, Beach, Shark, Bobsy, Ringwraith and Shadowfax.

Old-timers on hand included Caldwell, Brundage, George Fizell, Garrett Van Camp, Bill Noble, Glen Sullivan, Harvey Templeton III, Butch Deer, Bill Buecker, Bob Houston, Bob Lybarger and Fred Clark. Other drivers, some of whom still compete, included Oseth, Bill Noble, Stevan Davis, Donnie Isley, Brad Stout, Bob OíConnor and Tom Stephani.

The feature race of the weekend was for the Brundage Cup.


   Jeremy Grenier, Stevan Davis,
   Steve Oseth and Gary Blanarik
   lead the pack to the start line

The winner would have their name inscribed on the prestigious silver cup, named in honor of Hubert Brundage, considered by many to be the Father of the Formula Vee.

Adding his name to the Cup was Jeremy Grenier, a relative youngster compared with most of those here. Grenier came from behind on the last lap to nip Stout by just inches. He was trying to become just the second repeat winner of the Cup.

Other feature winners included Jon Petrush with a Ralt RT5 in the Super Vee class, the only one in attendance. Driving a Leech MK1, Don Pepperdine took the checker in Monoposto Vintage. The Formula First winner was Vee veteran Greg Rice in a Problemchild SM2.

Stephani was an entertaining emcee at Saturday nightís festivities. He acknowledged the 10 SCCA FV national champions on hand: Caldwell, Rollin Butler, Jim Brookshire, Van Camp, Harry Ingle, Davis, Oseth, Stout, George Fizell and Noble.

Stephani also introduced Vee drivers who have accumulated other SCCA accolades. Stout, Davis and Fizell have all won the Presidentís Cup, while Lisa Noble has taken home the Kimberly Cup.

Lisa summed it up pretty well for everyone there. When asked why she came to the party, she said, "because of the people and the history."

There was plenty of each at Roebling Road. With the continued graying of SCCA, hereís hoping there will still be plenty of each at the 50th FV Birthday Party in 2013.

[Pictures from the event]

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