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I'm HOT - How can I get Started?

The breakdown for SCCA is

National Club – produces the SportsCar Magazine and manages the National Level Competition for Championships across the nation. You must join SCCA to participate in SCCA competition events. JOIN SCCA or contact your local region (info below).  If you are in Canada, you may also want to look into the Canadian FV series http://formula1200.com or http://casc.on.ca .

Division – 8 sections of the country – so divided for management and points competition considerations – all Divisions have Divisional Championships

Region – specific local area – where meetings are held.  Regions support the various races at selected race tracks closest to their area. All memberships are processed through one (or more) regions. Most regions also have a ‘local area’ newsletter. Many regions also have local Championships.

 The steps to get started in SCCA driving are at


There are 2 “levels” of club racing – Regional (starter) and National (get out your wallet and go after the top NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – held at varying locations across the USA.

With SCCA you can cross Division borders at any time to race anywhere in the USA. Details about the divisions can be found at

Your first step after joining SCCA might be to consider RENTING a vee to decide if you really like the class before BUYING one. However, the largest collection of FV’s for sale that I’m aware of can be found at


A few rental possibilities can be found on our LINKS page (yellow area).  If you want to rent, but can't find a vendor, contact me and I'll see if I can put you in touch with someone.

Feel free to contact me (link to Webmaster below) with questions about any of the cars.  I am probably familiar with most of them.

It has been said many times that CREWING for someone else is the absolute BEST way to become involved if you are completely new to racing. You'll help get the car prepared, go to the races, etc. In the process you will learn much that will reduce the intimidation factor. Once you step into the car and go to your first drivers school you will be much more comfortable. If you are interested in that avenue, please drop me an email with your city/state and I'll see if I can find someone to truly introduce you to FV - up close and personal.

If you are seriously interested, then you should also join the FV Registry at
http://www.formulavee.us/index.htm#registry  (click on 'SIGNUP HERE')
to get occasional emails about specifics directly related to the class.

Also see our "Details about the Class" page and there is another great intro to FV at
http://www.turnology.com/features/interviews/formula-vee-budget-open-wheel-racing/ .

Jim Schings has also created a terrific BOOK about what you need to know to get going in FV.  Although the book is no longer available in print, you can download a copy HERE (it will
take a while to download).

If you have specific questions about FV cars or how to become involved, drop an email to the webmaster (link below) or see our 'find out more' page or check our LINKS page if you are interested in making the move to FV.

If you have suggestions, comments, additional information or corrections for any pages on this site, please contact The Webmaster
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