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Be sure to check out our 'How to get Started' page.

Search the main FV forums at and check out the FV forum located at Browse through all the subforums and look for topics that seem to address your questions and/or use the SEARCH function available on both sites. On the site put an asterisk (*) in front of and after any search text you use. For the Apexspeed search function, make sure you check the setting of the 'FIND POSTS' option and set it to ANY DATE.

Search the internet for 'Formula Vee'.

Search the website under CLUB RACING for a Region near you.

Search the website under CLUB RACING for upcoming RACES and drop by an event.  If you contact the webmaster, he can try to put you in touch with a vee racer that would likely be attending the race closest to you.

Drop The Webmaster an email and your city/state and he can send you contact info the closest vee racers in your area.