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I saw this race in 1967 supporting the first GP that ihad ever seen and was fascinated with these little buzz boxes.

I worked at McNamara Cars in 1968 and 1969 building Formula Vee and F3.

In 1968 the F Vee race at Nurburgring a Mc/namara sebring Mk1 was entered and driven by Peter Aurndell, formerly team mate to Jin Clark at Lotus. I can not remember where he finished, but he did become the racing manager at McNamara's.

The Sebring Mk1 was later to be driven by Guther Huber, Helmut, Marko and Verner Reidel.

I have recovered the 1969 Sebring Mk1 that was owned by Andre Pilette, and raced to the Belgium championship that year driven by Jean-Charles Goris. The car is undergoing restoration and planned to be raced in the UK 750 Motor Club during the 40th annirversary of Formula Vee in the UK this year.

A footnote! August 3rd 1969 Helmut Marko lapped the old ring (22.835Km) in 9 minutes and 51 seconds, in a sebring Mk1. The frist F Vee under 10 minutes.

Any one with pictures or parts of McNamara cars please contact me.


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In the November '69 issue of Road & Track, Jonathan Thompson covered it with photos by himself, Geoffrey Goddard and Tom Bates. VWoA sent six American FV drivers, their cars and crews to Germany with the main change was to go up from 1200-1300cc. Helmut recorded the first Vee time under 10 minutes (9:59.4/85.2 mph) as did Martin Marragia of Switzerland. Bill Campbell on a ZRM crashed, car could not be repaired in time for the race.
Internationales Formel V-Rennen um Den Continentel-Preis
3 August 1969
6 laps=85.08 miles
Starters: 53
Finishers: 41
Winner's Avg Speed: 85.3 mph
FL: Marko 9:51.7/86.26 mph
1 Helmut Marko AUS McNamara Sebring 59:47.8
2 Niki Lauda AUS Kaimann 1:00:03.1
3 Peter Peter AUS Austro V
4 Bill Scott USA McNamara Sebring
5 Alfred Voglberger GER Olympic V
6 Fritz Bohler GER Austro V
7 Wolfgang Bulow GER McNamara Sebring
8 Lothar Schork GER Austro V
9 Manfred Schurti LIC Austro V
10 Ray Weaver USA Beach
11 Dieter Basche GER Kaimann
12 Hannelore Werner GER Olympic V
13 Jim McDaniel USA Zink
14 Roland Muller GER Fuchs
15 Seppo Pitkanen FIN Austro V
16 Gunther Steckkonig GER Eigenbau
17 Bill Greer USA Zink
18 Reiner Braun GER Mcnamara Sebring
19 Lars Berger SWI HAS
20 Joachim Duker GER Kaimann
25 Steve Pieper USA Zink
DNF Harry Ingle USA Zink (w/double roll bars and a horn "to toot slower cars")

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