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'The Nardi' - after it's restoration.

The Nardi, as it is generally called, is the result of a commission to Enrico Nardi in Italy by Hubert Brundage for a Formula Junior using standard VW parts A new 1958 113 VW beetle was sent to Torino by Mr. B for Nardi to disassemble and use engine, transmission, suspension,etc. for the single seat race car.This car was the beginning of the class that we still today recognize as "Formula Vee".

In the right, middle of the home page 40th Anniversary picture (shown again below),

in the red shirt and khaki pants with his back to the camera, is Jan Brundage - the son of the late Hubert Brundage. 

At that time, Formula Jr cars were escalating in cost rapidly and the completed car was already out of date and uncompetitive as a Formula Junior when it arrived. Brundage met with Bill Duckworth and Col. George Smith and they agreed to use the basic idea and inexpensive components from the VW bug to create a 10 or 20 car 'spec class' racing series in central Florida. Mr. B sold the car to them for $1.00 and they founded Formcar Constructors in Orlando to build and market the cars.  The Nardi was used as the “mold” for the fiberglass FormCar body parts.  4 years later they had sold over 500 cars and the history of FV was firmly established and Autodynamics, Bobsy, Beach and others began to build similar models to compete against the Formcars. Bill and George soon retired from the business and sold the Nardi.

Many years later after his father died, Jan Brundage (a Volkswagen, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Pompano Beach) was reading the current issue of the AutoWeek newspaper and noticed an “aluminum bodied Formula Vee” for sale in Pennsylvania by the Noble Brothers Racing Team. Knowing the Nardi was the ONLY aluminum Vee out there, he immediately called and repurchased the Vee.  Bill Bencker was dispatched to bring the Nardi back “home”.  The condition of the much modified Nardi, being kind, was not Concours condition by a long shot. Restoration began and the car was ready  in time for the 40th Formula Vee Birthday Party at Road America. It is now relegated to 'Concours' and 'parade' type events only :-).

 The variants of 'FormCar' continued to be developed by different entrepreneurs over the years and the end result is what you see today in the pictures further down the home page. Many of the older cars are preserved in Vintage racing groups and several can be seen in our Gallery along with the newer models.

The following photos of the Nardi we furnished by Paul Schiemer - most are very rare and only published once previously....
Courtesy The Brundage Archive.  These photos are copyrighted and any other use or reproduction
is prohibited without written consent from The Brundage Archive.

Finished proof photo from Nardi & C., Torino - no date. Via V. Lancia n. 8. Photografia INVERNIZZI - Torino.

Signed "Nardi & C., No. 212, no date. [Has Jans P.O. Box in Pompano Beach on the back too.]

NardiSide - Dated, July 1960.
Proof from Nardi & C., Torino. Via V.Lancia n. 8. Photografia INVERNIZZI - Torino.


FormCar Slot Car
This is a really cool SLOT CAR copy
of the Nardi by Paul in Sterling Hgts, MI
(click for blowup)

NardiWiteside - last time it was in Brundage hands. Modified back (cut down to reduce drag).
Brumo's Public Relations PHOTO, 961/678, Box 3095, Jacksonville 6, FLA.



HERE is another article about the Nardi from Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

and a 'first hand' comment from one that was THERE with the Nardi

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