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There is a current 'impetus' about Promoting Formula Vee.  Fields have fallen a bit over the last few years, and we are now being forced to run with classes that are MUCH faster (often, TOO much) and MUCH heavier (often TOO much) than FV.  We are making a valiant effort to "get the word out" about just how GREAT this class is.  It would be nice to have 30 plus car fields again - as we did 20 years ago and have our own private grouping again.

This website is a first step in that direction.  The Formula Vee Registry is another effort to gather enough information to really KNOW how many of us are 'out there' and what our goals are.  Beyond that, a proposal is in the works to produce a "What is Formula Vee" introductory video DVD to hand out to prospective Vee'ers.  That job is currently under the efforts of Roger Frances - you can see some discussion about this on the FV Interchange forum.

If you have any input - pictures, videos, articles, THOUGHTS - that might move this project down the road - or questions about how to become involved - either in the DVD or the website, please contact Steve or Roger right away.  Time is of the essence here to get a decent product completed in time for our 50th Anniversary.

If you are here just to FIND OUT about FV, then you might want to check out What Is Formula Vee.

Anna Qualls has prepared a short leaflet to be handed out in her regional area - it looks pretty good and she has volunteered to modify it slightly to accommodate YOUR area if you'd like.  Please contact her directly at Anna.

If you would like to help support the efforts to keep FV strong, please consider DONATING a few bucks.

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