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Rob Howden, editor and publisher of eFormulaCarNews has about the only articles that cover the "lower" formula cars in the US (the ones without a big PRO series).  Rob has also sponsored several different Series around the country in most of those classes.  In each issue, you can find coverage of events that just aren't covered anywhere else - not even in our "own" magazine, Sports Car. Rob also produced a series of articles on building and racing a formula vee in 2007 issues of Formula Car Magazine (no longer in print, unfortunately). 

Please help to support Formula Vee (as well as Formula Ford, Formula 500, and Formula First) by subscribing to Rob's website coverage.  You might just see your name and car up there :).

If you like to write, you might also consider submitting a race report or 2 for your events.  Include a picture if you have one.  You can also do a 'driver bio' on yourself and your car if you like.  I can't guarantee that it will get published, but it has a LOT better chance of seeing the light of day at efcn than anywhere else I know of.  Rob is VERY actively doing everything he can to promote formula car racing here in the states (and Canada).

If you have an idea for an article or series of articles, please contact Rob and outline your plan.  You may also submit copy to The Webmaster if you would like to write a piece for inclusion in this website.



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